“A powerful woman is simply one who has not yet died.”
from Jezebel Revisits the Book of Kings




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“Any storyteller can recount powerful experience. Jeanann makes you feel something powerful is happening in the telling. It is when safety dissolves that we discover possibility. She’s dangerous. It’s a special person that will make you wish they were your villain.” 
            —Brian S. Ellis, Author of Uncontrolled Experiments in Freedom and Yesterday Won’t Goodbye

“Verlee took two encores to thunderous cheering and applause. Many of them seemed to have been waiting all night to hear the last poem in her setlist, ‘Unsolicited Advice to Adolescent Girls with Crooked Teeth and Pink Hair,’ and they were not disappointed…by the time Verlee delivered the final line, ‘When your mother hits you, do not strike back,’ most of the audience was on their feet.” 
            —Cassandra DeAlba, Boston Poetry Examiner

“Courageous and uncompromising—Jeanann Verlee is simply one of the best.”
            —Carlos Andrés Gómez, author of Man Up: Reimagining Modern Manhood

“Verlee once again shows herself to be among the most critical, important, and defining voices...”
           —Wess “Mongo” Jolley, founder and host of The IndieFeed Performance Poetry Channel

“[Jeanann] personifies courage and makes pain look beautiful.” 
            —Mahogany L. Browne, Author of RedboneSmudgeDear Twitter, and SWAG; Nuyorican Poets Café Host and Director, Publisher of Penmanship Books

“Jeanann is an amazing writer and performance poet who captures one's core condition by italicizing what it is to be human.” 
            —Bruce George, Co-founder of Def Poetry JAM, Activist, Writer

“...no amount of telling can compare to the showing that Jeanann Verlee’s visit to our school accomplished.” 
            —Emily Moore, Educator, Stuyvesant High School English Department

“An incredible beast of a writer.”
            —C. Bain, author of Debridement

“Fucking genius.” 
            —Anonymous, YouTube.com